Decorative Painting Makes Your Home To Be A Gallery of Art

Painting is an indispensable part of family decorations. In home decoration, the choice of decorative painting is very important. Good selection of Contemporary Art paintings can play a role in adjusting the overall layout of the living room. make the original quiet space are full of vibrant and innervation, the joy of life arises spontaneously.

  1. Entrance – there is not much space here, but it can be decorated with small and exquisite Abstract Painting in flower patterns.

Living room – this is the main place for people’s daily living activities, so we should choose carefully and arrange reasonably. According to the size of the living room, you can choose one or two large modern paintings, and on the other wall you can hang two or three sets of paintings, scattered hanging, to achieve visual beauty. The living room in low floor and poor lighting needs to choose bright paintings. In addition, we should pay attention to the frame patterns which not too complicated, but also to discard the traditional saying that a room can only use a frame.

Restaurant – choose the fruit, green natural scenery design Large Acrylic Painting. If you have a bar, you can hang pictures of wine cups and coffee sets to create a warm and elegant atmosphere.

Bedroom – which should highlight warmth, romance, tranquility and warm colors. for example, a blooming red rose or a profound abstract painting and so on.

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